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Broadcast journalist

Stephen Cole

Stephen Cole is one of the worlds most recognisable and respected faces of international television journalism. Over the past twenty-three years he has anchored the launches of: Sky News (London)CNN International (Atlanta)BBC World Asia and Click Online (London) andAl Jazeera (London) and anchored ...

Dagvoorzitter,Keynote spreker,Presentator



Dagvoorzitter,Keynote spreker,Presentator,


1.   Corporate communications and corporate relations
2.   The nature of terrorism
3.   Modern Journalism
4.   Business and diplomacy
5.   Information Technology


Dough Loewee, President

"An outstanding contribution over three days in building rapport, trust and helping motivate all our delegates from around the world. Many, many thanks."

Dough Loewee, President van Global Enterprise Management for Cable and Wireless
Jane Clancey. Head of Marketing Strategy

"It’s always fun working with you."

Jane Clancey. Head of Marketing Strategy van BBC Worldwide
Koichiro Matsuura, Director-General

"You have my most sincere gratitude for your invaluable contribution to the High- Level Symposium- Building Knoweldge Societies- from Vision to Action- held during the World Summit. The masterly ...

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Koichiro Matsuura, Director-General van United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation
Sam Carlson, President

"Thank you so much for your excellent moderation of our panel discussion of trying to bridge the digital divides. You did a good job keeping the discussion moving."

Sam Carlson, President van World Links
Nic van Zwanenberg

“Stephen hosted day one and stole the show. His ability to combine his experience as one of the most respected international news presenters plus his knowledge and enthusiasm for new technology ...

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Nic van Zwanenberg van CASBAA
Trevor Pereira

Many many thanks for a flawless performance..

Trevor Pereira van Sea Trade Awards
Pascal Couchepin

“I am grateful for your contribution to the success of this year’s World Economic Forum at Davos.”

Pascal Couchepin van President of the Swiss Confederation
Hans d?Orville. Director

"Your work on Click Online has broadened international understanding of key technological issues affecting the world today, at both the popular ad expert level."

Hans d?Orville. Director van UNESCO
Pascal Couchepin, President

"I am very grateful for your contribution to the success of this year’s World Economic Forum at Davos."

Pascal Couchepin, President van Swiss Confederation

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