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Storytelling | Motivation | Data Marketing

Sam Knowles

Sam Knowles combines long and varied consultancy experience with a planner’s facility for turning relevant data into narratives that resonate and campaigns that deliver.

Keynote spreker
Keynote spreker,


1. How to tell powerful and purposeful stories with data

The most important skills in the modern knowledge economy are making sense of data and using insights extracted from data as the basis for impactful storytelling. The defining equation of our age is “Analytics + Storytelling = Influence”. In this inspiring yet practical keynote, critically-acclaimed author Sam Knowles sets out the six Golden Rules of data storytelling. In the wake of coronavirus, where most storytelling takes place online, getting the balance right between numbers and narrative – between the rational and the emotional – has never mattered more. Sam will demonstrate clearly how to use data to best effect, online and offline.

2. The history, psychology, and neuroscience of insight

How do we advance? As individuals, families, and businesses? As societies, nations, and a species? In a world where it’s said there is nothing new under the sun, we humans are remarkably resourceful at creating new things. The key to innovation is understanding, but that doesn’t mean parading an array of facts, data, and casual observations. Progress demands profound and useful understanding of a person or a thing, a situation or an issue. And profound and useful understanding that truly effects change is that most elusive of phenomena: insight.

In this original and wide-ranging talk, data storyteller Sam Knowles will chart the history of insight. From the philosophers of classical Athens to the Gestalt school of psychology, from the foundations of the London School of Economics to cutting-edge neuroscience, this talk joins the dots between the hunches of philosophy, behaviours observed in the lab, and electrochemical activity in the brain. Along the way, Sam will introduce a novel model of how to be insightful and champion the role of diversity and neurodiversity in insightful thinking.

3. Innovation in the wake of coronavirus

2021 sees every business, charity, and third-sector organisation faced with the imperative to evolve – and often pivot to entirely new ways of working – in next-to no time. Innovation requires the development of transformative insights from the data that surrounds us, yet the application of insightful thinking doesn’t come easily. Fortunately, insightful thinking is a skill that can be learned. In a world in need of a directive but reassuring arm around its shoulder, in this clear-thinking and optimistic keynote, data storyteller Sam Knowles shares a novel and proven model of insightful thinking. His talk sets out the four-step approach all organisations can use to innovate at pace, harnessing the power of insightful thinking to thrive and prosper in 2021. And beyond.


Sam Knowles is one of the most interesting and engaging speakers I have ever seen

"Sam Knowles is one of the most interesting and engaging speakers I have ever seen – Full Stop. I first had the pleasure of witnessing the wonder of Sam at the 2018 Media Research Group Conference ...

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Simon Frazier van Institute of Practitioners in Advertising
I would highly recommend him to friends and colleagues.

"I have first-hand experience of Sam from both continued professional development as a trainer and also collaboration on business projects as a speaker and a facilitator. He is well-able to adapt to ...

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Brian Robbins van Insights & Analytics at Novartis
His style is engaging and his topic important in these days of misinformation

“I've heard Sam speak on a couple of occasions most notably at the Professional Speaking Association's annual Summit in October 2020. His style is engaging and his topic important in these days of ...

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Dave Henson van UK Professional Speaking Association South East
His input and coaching helped us to become better storytellers.

“Sam Knowles combines science, storytelling, and humour in a perfect way. Our members not only enjoyed listening to his talk but were also eager to participate in his practice session. His input ...

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Fabienne Huebener van European Sensory Network
He was brilliant and received excellent feedback from delegates who awarded him a ‘stellar speaker’ score

“We booked Sam as a keynote speaker at our annual conference last year for insight and operations professionals working in fundraising teams. He was brilliant and received excellent feedback from ...

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Rich Nicholl van Educational Programmes (Europe) at CASE

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