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Award-Winning Innovation Thought Leader and Internationally Best-Selling Author

Rowan Gibson

Rowan Gibson is “one of the most recognized thought leaders in business innovation” (Forbes). The media have labeled him “Mr. Innovation”, “the Innovation Grandmaster”, “the W. Edwards Deming of innovation” and “a guru among the gurus”. In ...

Keynote spreker,Presentator
Keynote spreker,Presentator,


1.   Innovation to the Core
2.   Making Innovation Happen
3.   The Four Lenses of Innovation
4.   Mastering Business Model Innovation
5.   The Innovation War-Room
6.   Winning in the Innovation Economy
7.   Making innovation happen!
8.   Challenging orthodoxies
9.   Harnessing trends
10.   Leveraging resources
11.   Understanding needs



Marcel Bolli, Head of Corporate Communications

"We enjoyed very much having you speak at our group conference. It was a pleasure to hear and see your presentation. We also got very good feedback from our colleagues – especially about rethinking ...

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Marcel Bolli, Head of Corporate Communications van Mövenpick
Peter Scott-Morgan

“Thanks very much, Rowan. You got the top score in our evaluations!”

Peter van The Concours Group
Al Ries, Author

“In a world gone crazy, there’s no sounder thinker than Rowan Gibson. He’s a genius when it comes to rethinking the future.”

Al Ries, Author van Focus! The future of your company depends on it
Tanya Reid

“Rowan was fantastic. He pitched the presentation at exactly the right level for the audience. He had also done his homework and made the content very relevant to our industry. The feedback we ...

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Tanya van Investec
Helen Williamson

"Thank you so much for your presentation in Dublin – the feedback that we got from the delegates was very positive. They really enjoyed your talk and your concepts. Well done! Thanks again for ...

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Helen Williamson van IBC Global Conferences
Alice Labbe

“We were really honoured to welcome you as a speaker at ‘Futuract’ in Paris. Thank you for your contribution to the great success of this event. Delegates were pleased with your presentation. ...

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Alice Labbe van ICAD World Business Forum
Kevin Maney

"Rowan Gibson’s views on technology and change are thoughtful, intriguing and global. He has a great perspective on what’s coming next."

Kevin Maney van USA Today
Per Erlansson,Director Corporate Communications

"We would like to thank you sincerely for your participation at the Rexam Forum. There has been universal praise for your input, which contributed so much to the success. It is also appreciated that ...

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Per Erlansson,Director Corporate Communications van Rexam
Mariette de Bruin

"We were delighted with your presence as a key speaker at our Acceleration Event. Thanks again for your inspiring speech. We had many positive reactions from the participants! Indeed, we had a very ...

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Mariette de Bruin van CAP Gemini Ernst & Young

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