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Outstanding Chair/ Facilitator for international think tanks and business conferences

prof. Prabhu Guptara

Prof. Prabhu Guptara helps Boards of companies worldwide with strategic, organizational and market issues, and is an outstanding Chair/ Facilitator for international think tanks and business conferences. Until March 2011; he was Executive Director, Organizational Development, Wolfsberg (a ...

Dagvoorzitter,Keynote spreker
Dagvoorzitter,Keynote spreker,


1.  A Final Chance? The Economic Crisis and the Future of the USA
2.  The Economic Crisis and the Challenge of Europe
3.  The Economic Crisis and the Ambiguous Future of China
4.  India Rising? The Prospects to 2020
5.  The Geo-Economic Roles of India and the USA in the 21st Century
6.  The Future of Financial Services
7.  The Five Major Approaches to Business: Materialist, Buddhist, Confucian, Hindu & Semitic (Jewish/ Christian/ Muslim)
8.  Business Ethics Around the World
9.  Corporate Governance Across The Globe
10.  Corporate Social Responsibility: From the Current State of Play to What’s Ahead
11.  Addressing Technology-Blindness in Top Executive Teams
12.  The Impact of Information Technology on Strategy Development & Implementation
13.  New Technologies and the Future of the World
14.  Flying Blind: Strategy and Competitiveness in a World of Global Over-Supply

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