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Artificial Intelligence | Blockchain | Big Data

Dr. Mark van Rijmenam

Mark van Rijmenam is a speaker on Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Big Data and how these technologies change your organisation

Keynote spreker,Virtual Keynotes
Keynote spreker,Virtual Keynotes,


1. Big Data is Dead, Long Live Big Data

Last year, Gartner took Big Data out of the Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies but that does not mean that Big Data is dead. On the contrary, Big Data has become more important than ever. New technologies enable organisations to do more with data than ever before and it is completely changing how we work and live. In this keynote, International Big Data Influencer Mark van Rijmenam will share with you three big data trends, including inspiring examples, that will dramatically change your business in the years to come and he will explain why Big Data is more important than ever.

2. The Future of The Internet of Things is Distributed

The Internet of Things is radically changing our society and with the emergence of Blockchain, it has become a whole lot interesting. With the Blockchain, connected devices suddenly can be used in completely new ways, thanks to the usage of smart contracts that can be deployed on a blockchain and that can automate many tasks. Devices can start negotiating with each other, they can start making micro- or even pico-payments for services used and thanks to smart contracts, agreements are enforced automatically. Blockchain is revolutionizing the Internet of Things and in his keynote, Van Rijmenam will share insights how Blockchain will do so. He will provide best practices, examples and give you clear takeaways on how you can improve the Internet of Things using the Blockchain.

3. Building the Future; One Block at a Time

We live in a world of accelerated change and the 4th Industrial Revolution is upon us. Disruptive Innovations such as Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, 3D Printing or VR/AR are being developed at an exponential pace. The common denominator of all these innovations? They produce data, lots of it, which can be used to create magical experiences that were unthinkable before. Now it is time to use this data to create products and services that will change the way you work and live, while ensuring your privacy, keeping personal information secure and allowing you to own your data. Let’s build this future together, one block at a time.

4. The Collaboration Era – How to Thrive in an Exponential World

We live in exponential times and simply having a digital strategy focused on continuous innovation is no longer enough to thrive in a constantly changing world. In order to transform an organisation and contribute to building a secure and rewarding networked society, collaboration among employees, customers, business units and even things is increasingly becoming key. Especially with the availability of new technologies such as big data, blockchain and artificial intelligence, organisations now need, more than ever before, to focus on bringing together the different stakeholders in order to co-create the future. Big data empowers customers and employees, blockchain enables peer-to-peer collaboration, while artificial intelligence creates new human-machine interactions. In this keynote, Van Rijmenam will discuss how big data, blockchain and AI will change collaboration and in doing so enable a networked society.

5. An Insurance for Disruption; Preparing for Tomorrow’s World

We live in an ever-changing world and the strategic challenge that organisations face is to continuously adapt their strategy to this constantly, rapidly and unpredictably changing environment. Technology can help organisations do so and enable leaders to be the change within their business (unit) to remain competitive. This keynote will discuss three of these technologies that can enable leaders to deal with the changing customer landscape and how they can innovate and lead the pack. These technologies are: Big Data Analytics, Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence. Together, these three technologies change how we do business and they are the holy grail of the organisation of tomorrow. Those leaders that understand these technologies can become a catalyst for creating and driving change within their business unit.


The Digital Speaker series

The Digital Speaker series

Dr Mark van Rijmenam - Speaker on Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Big Data

Dr Mark van Rijmenam - Speaker on Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Big Data

The Collaboration Era - How to Thrive in an Exponential World

The Collaboration Era - How to Thrive in an Exponential World


Paul Muller

"Mark is very knowledgeable on the subject of Big Data and has the capability of explaining complex matter in laymen’s terms. I have worked with him in different settings, most recently organizing ...

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Paul van IS Group
Fernando Masmela Diaz

"I invited Mark to join one of our International Congress like main speaker, BigData2015 World Insights. As a person he is great to treat, responsable and compromised human. As a leader he shared his ...

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Fernando van
Wim Danhof

"I know Mark a true expert in the field of Big Data, 'the oil of the 21st century'. Mark was one of the key note speakers at the National Publishing Day 2014, organized by the dutch b2b platform ...

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Wim van Mediafacts
drs. N.H. van Buren, MCD

"In januari 2013 heeft Mark van Rijmenam gesproken op de nieuwjaarsreceptie van de Kennisalliantie. Met flair sprak hij over Big Data. Aan de hand van diverse concrete voorbeelden maakte hij ...

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drs. N.H. van Buren, MCD van Directeur Kennisalliantie

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