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The power of the subconscious mind

Mario Turchetta

At the age of fourteen, Mario Turchetta launches his first business, breeding and selling rabbits. He discovered the power of duplication.At the age of 18, he began to train people in the area of sales. He’s sold: vacuum cleaners, cook-ware, security systems, consumer electronics and more. ...

Keynote spreker
Keynote spreker,


1.   The secrets of communication: My animal personality, how to get what I really want!
2.   Women & men: Working together… The male/female differences… A working advantage
3.   Managehour: Effective time management. Tomorrow, what do you wish you could have done today?
4.   Mega-self sonfidence: Now... I can!
5.   My attitude of grattitude: How to be grateful for all of it… All the time!
6.   The power of my subconscious mind: I think… Therefore, I create! The secret behind the secret!
7.   My goals & my values: I choose what matters and why!
8.   The seven sectrets of inner peace: How to reach inner peace and keep it!
9.   Leadership: Making a difference. Maximize your influence!
10.   Training for trainers and presenters: How to increase the impact of your message!

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