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Internationally experienced training actor, storyteller and presenter.

Jeremiah Fleming

Jeremiah is an experienced training-, voice- and regular actor. As an actor he has co-trained throughout Europe and Asia, doing everything from aggression trainings to executive management programs. Improvisation and storytelling are Jeremiahs tools to unlock the full potential of the clients he ...



Professor J.A.C.M. Doorewaard PhD

"I would like to express my genuine appreciation of Jeremiah Fleming’s exceptional, inspiring and stimulating capacities in role play-based trainings. Jeremiah’s acting skills and sheer...

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Professor J.A.C.M. Doorewaard PhD van Katholiek Universiteit Nijmegen
Simone Nuissl

"Jeremiah Fleming and I have worked on his storytelling in English and Dutch for the past two years. Being a lover of language he has shown himself to be a true master in the art of storytelling in...

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Simone Nuissl van director
Zoe Heukels

"I would like to take this opportunity to recommend Jeremiah Fleming. Jeremiah organized workshops at my school for both (international) students and a number of teachers. Observing Jeremiah I am...

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Zoe Heukels van OSG de Meergronden
Rene Kogelman

"Jeremiah Fleming is een zeer professionele presentor. Een zeer fijn persoonlijkheid en hij brengt een zeer positieve energie mee op de set waar de rest van de crew op een aangename manier mee wordt ...

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Rene Kogelman van Video Content Creator

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