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Attention Leadership, The Power of Connections

Itzik Amiel adv. LL.M

Itzik Amiel, attorney-at-law., is an inspiring leader, power networker and highly sought after award winning international professional speaker, trainer and mentor. Itzik is the Global Leading Authority on Networking and Relationship Capital. Itzik is the author of the leading networking and ...

Keynote spreker,Presentator
Keynote spreker,Presentator,


1.   The Attention Switch: How to Attract, Influence and Deeply Connect
2.   The Art of Attentional Networking | Creating Global Relationships- Cross Borders, Cross Cultures
3.   The L [Likeability] Factor: Are you paying Attention?
4.   “Be Yourself: Be your own brand
5.   Attentional Networking | the Secrets of the Unspoken Language



Verginder Kaur

"Itzik has been one of the most important speakers at the CFO events organised by Dun & Bradstreet in the years 2009-2013 and he was an inspirational speaker and exceeded the highest expectations of ...

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Verginder Kaur van Dun & Bradstreet
Rene van Zelst

"I admire his professionalism, his knowledge, his wide array of interests and the way he brings all of this together in a serious, yet lighthearted approach. He addressed the audience without notes, ...

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Rene van Zelst van Cox & Partners
Fernando Vaisman

"Itzik Amiel’s presentation on non-verbal communication left me and the rest of the audience in awe, and filled us with excitement. Itzik has a rare ability to engage with the audience and ...

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Fernando Vaisman van IABA
Tom Wheeler

'''You meet many people in this life, some you tolerate, others you like, some even become friends. Then you have; as Steve Jobs famously said ' The crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels…' - those ...

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Tom Wheeler van IR Network
Juan Guillermo Ruiz

“Itzik is a very encouraging speaker as he inspires credibility and respect in every audience he addresses. His outgoing and friendly character makes him a very amusing person to be around and ...

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Juan Guillermo Ruiz van IFA, Colombia
Heather Irvine

“I have had the pleasure of listening to Itzik speak at several IBA conferences over the last three years. I am always amazed at how his energetic and informal style draws in his audience, prompts ...

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Heather Irvine van Norton Rose SA

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