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Tax advisor | Pioneer researcher | Author | Public speaker

Clara Lahiani

Every business going digital and processes digital data. Clara’s goal is to radically change your view on digital economy and reveal its tax implications.

Dagvoorzitter,Keynote spreker
Dagvoorzitter,Keynote spreker,


1.   How to deal with business data and understand its functions?
2.   Why are datacenters the hidden face of digital economy and how do they interact with other devices?
3. What is a datacenter from a tax and technology standpoint?

How to articulate it with notions such as Cloud, Big data, Databases?

4. How to develop a smart data processing strategy?

Is it better to outsource data processing or to build your own datacenter, in terms of costs, data security and incentives.?

5.   How to secure tax incentives for data processing activities?
6.   How to optimize the location of a datacenter in terms of engineering and tax?
7. How to screen locations around the world?

Which reports and publications are reliable?

8. What is the energy and environmental impact of a datacenter?

How is this impact captured by tax devices?

9.   What are the most recent updates on datacenter?
10.   Will the Brexit impact the datacenter market?
11.   How to relate digital permanent establishment issues with datacenters?

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