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Negotiation with your body, life, brains and competitors

Christine Morlet

Negotiation, interpersonal communication consultant and trainer, Christine Morlet is a passionate guide in the field of finding the right approach to help solving conflicts. Christine's co-operative and adaptable training and coaching styles differs depending on client needs and difficulties.The ...

Interviewer,Keynote spreker
Interviewer,Keynote spreker,


1.   Negotiation between parties
2.   Negotiation with your customer’s "brains"
3.   Bargaining/debating
4.   Negotiation with your own brains
5.   Detect your body signals for stress
6.   Burn-out
7.   Her own impressive burn-out experience


Pierre Gaillard, Human Resources Director

"Every year, BOCCARD Group, (industrial design consultant) organizes an annual meeting open to company managers. The October 2007 venue aimed at heightening manager's awareness of the importance of ...

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Pierre Gaillard, Human Resources Director van Valeo
Robert Tjón

"Ik heb destijds gedurende jaren met Christine gewerkt, tijdens mijn 'Franse' tijd, toen ik CEO en algemeen directeur was van onze Franse dochter, Norma Sàrl in Straatsburg. Christine werd in de ...

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Robert Tjón van Norma / Roth Gruppe, Fürth - Nürnberg

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