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Empowering Women To Speak in Public with Power and Passion

Barbara Rogoski

Rev. Barbara Rogoski captivates audiences with her unique combination of passion, empowerment and American style of speaking to train businesswomen who speak in public or in the workplace. She...

Keynote spreker,Workshop / Masterclass


1.  Communication
2.  Executive Presence and Message
3.  Business Storytelling
4.  Diversity and Inclusion
5.  Empowering Women


"It’s really a joy to participate in her workshop!"

"Barbara is a very enthusiastic and a motivational speaker who empowers Women and makes them aware of their possiblities to be confident in their personal leadership style. It’s really a joy to...

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Jeanette van Dongenvan Member of Nominating Committee Global YWCA
"Barbara succeeded to transfer her approach successfully."

"Barbara has guided different groups of colleagues of mine in her workshops. I had the privilege to attend these. Her approach really helped them to improve the content of their stories and enabled...

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David Smitvan Resource Manager Quint Techologies

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