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Alain Leduc

Alain Leduc created the PUNK Management©, it’s a modern, stimulating and dynamic way to boost transformation, agility, innovation and collaboration in teams.

Keynote spreker,Presentator
Keynote spreker,Presentator,


1.   Punk Management
2.   Customer Experience and Strategy
3.   Corporate Culture
4.   Transformation and Disruption
5.   Collaboration
6.   Agility


I looked for someone able to shake people minds That’s what Alain did

Very few people are able to cultivate the difference to become unique. I looked for someone able to shake people minds and create value while remaining relevant, professional and solution focused. ...

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Thierry Brynaert van CEO - Wavemakers
It’s a new mindset opening doors to an unexpected world

Punk Management a rewarding human experience. It’s a new mindset opening doors to an unexpected world full of outstanding opportunities.

Damien D’Ostuni van Innovation & Activation Expert - Wavemakers
Alain definitely contributed to generate more cohesion

I've hired Alain for an international Punk Management mission. We traveled with Alain in 5 different locations across Europe and worked closely with him and our team during 3 months. He was even ...

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Stéphane Coruble van RTL Ad Connect
Punk Management is an inspiring experience

Punk Management is an inspiring experience that allowed the team to leave its conventional patterns. New paths have been explored with a lot of fun. The process is well driven by a facilitator who ...

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Maurine Cousin van Orangina Schweppes Group
It was a rewarding journey, full of emotions!

It’s great adventure to explore the limits of imagination and discover unexpected possibilities. Thanks to have moved us out of comfort zone and made us think in a different way towards our issues. ...

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Bernard Wattiez van Murprotec Benelux

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