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Educational Psychology | 'Gifted Children' | Project Manager

Emilie Rouaud

Emilie Rouaud has a degree in international studies and a master's degree in educational psychology. She meets "gifted children", also called "high potential children".

Keynote spreker
Keynote spreker,


1.   Education
2.   Educational innovation in the 21st century
3.   Educational psychology and positive education
4.   Well-being in school
5.   Giftedness
6.   Talent and potential.


"With her charisma and positive energy, she quickly knows how to charm her audience"

Ms. Rouaud has a great knowledge of education and giftedness. She has always listened to our needs to set up conferences to meet our expectations and those of our members. In addition to being ...

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Karine Bergeron van Haut Potentiel Québec
"They liked the dynamism of Madame Rouaud"

In 2019, I invited Ms. Rouaud to give a three-hour oral presentation for a course. Her presentation focused on gifted services in Quebec. I received very positive feedback from the students on this ...

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Francois Neveu van Universiteit van Québec in Montréal

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