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"Mr. Marketing"

Bob Pritchard BSc.

Australian born and 18 year Los Angeles resident Bob Pritchard BSc. has enjoyed an extraordinary 30 year career. His unique sales, marketing, and motivational ability has taken Bob from sharing a two room apartment as a child with three generations of family to international success as a ...

Keynote spreker
Keynote spreker,


1.  15 Keys to Business Success
2.  The keys to building a committed, powerful and driven team
3.  How to Develop a Winning Mindset
4.  What Makes or Breaks Your Business In The Information Age
5.  Overcoming Challenges, Becoming the Best You Can Be!
6.  Branding is dead...Brand Equity is absolutely critical to success
7.  How to Blow Away Your Competition
8.  It is Not The Size Of The Budget, It is The Size Of The Idea
9.  Give Awesome Customer Service and Added Value...Or Fail!
10.  Trends in marketing and its contribution to overall business performance
11.  How does marketing contribute to the bottom line
12.  How to Make CRM The Business Wide Solution
13.  Accountability of the marketing function and reporting back to clients and boards
14.  "Increasing Customer loyalty, repeat business and ROI inexpensively, in good and tough times"
15.  "The 15 simple keys that will guarantee the success of any business."
16.  "How to turn everyone in your team into leaders with a winning mindset."
17.  "It is not the size of your budget, it's the size of your idea that counts."


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