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Expert on corporate governance & strategy

prof. dr. Fred van Eenennaam

Professor dr. Fred van Eenennaam is an expert on corporate governance & strategy. He is also well known for his expertise in the life sciences and healthcare industry. His consulting, executive education and research activities are focused on helping supervisory and executive boards take better ...

Keynote Speaker,Panel
Keynote Speaker,Panel,

Specialist Subjects

1.   Creating effective boards: dealing with board room dynamics and uncertainty
2.   Creating strategic insight
3.   Value creation and new business models
4.   Strategies for life sciences companies
5.   Strategies for hospitals and healthcare organizations
6.   Strategic decision making under uncertainty
7.   Scenario analyses and business modeling
8.   Micro economics of competitiveness


D.J. Eppink

Fred van Eenennaam has worked with me during his years at the Faculty of economics and business administration of Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. Fred was also one of my doctoral students. I was ...

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D.J. Eppink from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Prof. dr. E.A. de Groot

This is to certify that Prof.dr. Fred van Eenennaam is one of those few top professors that really make an impact to a learned and business wise audience. His research and business interests are ...

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Prof. dr. E.A. de Groot from Erasmus University Rotterdam
Dr. W.N.G.M. de Laat

Prof. dr Fred van Eenennaam and I have worked together on numerous projects for the past 2 years, including the creation of the first Biotech Outlook. The launch of the Outlook was a high level event ...

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Dr. W.N.G.M. de Laat from Top Institute Pharma (Managing Director)

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