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Speakers Academy®

Faculty Member at Speakers Academy

We connect our clients with the greatest minds, newest pioneers and most inspiring men and women of our time.

Speakers Academy®

Welcome to the colourful universe of Speakers Academy®. We represent some of the most influential experts and authorities of the world. Together with them we create meaningful and innovative stories for our national and international clients and their audiences. Narratives that must be told and to emphasize our mission statement ‘Bringing Knowledge to the World’.

Mission and Vision

The dedication of Speakers Academy® goes beyond connecting speakers to events. We want to help companies and organizations shape their ideas so that this can lead to more powerful ways of collaboration and awareness.

After deploying thousands of speakers for events around the world, we attained a good understanding of the art of working with our customers. This is due to our committment to enrich your audience with an unforgettable experience. We only work with speakers who give high quality lectures. Our speakers tell stories that touch the audience and stimulate them to think. We connect our clients with the greatest minds, newest pioneers and most inspiring men and women of our time.

Knowledge is a force that breaks down barriers and helps us move forward as a civilisation. “Bringing Knowledge to the World” is in our blood and is the engine of our organization. It is what drives us to work better and harder every day!

Core values

Our core values set our course. They are a part of us, are the result of our passion and drive us and our behaviour. In our cooperation with you, you will recognize our core values.

Speakers Academy® is based on integrity and quality and puts people first. For Speakers Academy®, everyone is equal. We believe in the power of diversity. That is why we don’t discriminate on the basis of origin, skin colour, age, sexuality, gender, religion, political beliefs or social status. At the same time, transparency and openness are very important to us.

Speakers Academy Faculty Membership

Speakers Academy® is committed to representing the best speakers. We know that knowledge has the power to change lives. As mentioned, we are always looking for the greatest minds, the newest pioneers and the most inspiring women and men with impactful stories.

Relations with our speakers are based on good faith. We signed our partnership with the first speaker with nothing more than a handshake, not realizing that this approach would become one of our distinctive organizational values.

Do you subscribe to our mission, vision and core values? Would you like to share your knowledge with the rest of the world? Sign up now as a Faculty Member at Speakers Academy!

Faculty Member at Speakers Academy