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Since its inception in 1997, Speakers Academy® has grown into the absolute market leader in the speaker industry. With thousands of requests per year, hundreds of thousands of visitors to the website and more than a quarter of a million readers of its own ACADEMY® Magazine.

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<h2>Who are we? </h2>
Speakers Academy® is <strong>the</strong> agency for professional speakers in Europe. We have been around for more than 20 years and are the absolute market leader in the speaker industry. ‘Bringing Knowledge To The World’ is a mission statement for Speakers Academy®.

This slogan unfolds our idealistic side, namely to improve communication between people, companies and governments and to transfer knowledge and insights. Many speakers and clients have found their way to Speakers Academy® over the years and have been served with satisfaction by our organisation for many years. We take care of our speakers and customers, we stand for quality. And with our experienced team, we are the best at it.

The consultants of Speakers Academy® form the most experienced and professional team in the European speakers’ world. They represent the interests of both the clients and the affiliated speakers in a professional manner: the basis for results and satisfaction. Speakers can also count on fast payment, with Speakers Academy® taking care of the debtor management and even bearing the debtor risk.

It is not for nothing that many prominent speakers entrust their management in the field of speaking and presenting to Speakers Academy®. It gives them the peace of mind to be able to fully concentrate on the preparation and execution of their performance. Speakers Academy® takes care of the entire business process, from advice and booking to invoicing and evaluation with the client, who only has contact with the speaker during the execution and any preliminary discussion.

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<h2>The added value of Speakers Academy®</h2>

Speakers Academy® has a transparent pricing policy. Clarity in advance and no hidden costs.

Speakers Academy®'s consulting team is the most experienced team in the European speakers' world. With a combined experience of about 100 years, it has handled tens of thousands of requests for its clients.

Speakers Academy® applies irreproachable ethical behaviour towards its customers, employees, suppliers, Faculty Members and towards society, which results in an impeccable reputation and unparalleled payment behaviour.

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