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Faculty Member at Speakers Academy

We thank you very much for your interest in Speakers Academy® and for your request to share your inspiring and activating contributions.

Speakers Academy® likes to welcome inspiring speakers who we can connect with our customers on current topics and who are open to a fruitful and sustainable collaboration with our organization.

Every week we receive about 15 to 20 requests from candidate speakers for a collaboration with our organization. Because we cannot admit all speakers, we have drawn up conditions for admission. Two important conditions for us are:

  • There is interest among our customers in the topics you are talking about, ie there must be a commercial market for it;
  • You are a professional speaker, in other words you have been providing commercial lectures or other similar activities for some time, such as day chairpersons.

After we have received your information, your details will be passed on to the sales team of Speakers Academy®. They meet weekly to discuss all new registrations.

We aim to answer you within 2 weeks.

We trust to have informed you sufficiently. If you have any questions, please email

Faculty Member at Speakers Academy