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Motivational Speakers

Do you want to take your meeting to an even higher level? Or do you want to motivate the participants of your event, or simply convince them of something? Then you should invite a motivational speaker to your event. For years, our Speakers Academy is the consulting company that has been providing the best motivational speakers for any event!

Booking a Motivational speaker

Speakers Academy has been working with the best speakers and daytime presenters for years. But what is the big advantage of Speakers Academy? We work with the most versatile and motivating speakers from almost every field. That’s why we challenge you to take a look at all the motivational speakers we work with.

Would you like to hear from a top athlete where he gets his motivation from? Or would you like a director of a large multinational company to tell you what motivated him or her to make certain decisions?

The Speakers Academy works with exactly these experts! Athletes, scientists or journalists? Our speaker agency offers you an incomparable repertoire of expertise and competence!


Speakers Academy is here to help!


Our consultants have known how to match the right motivational speaker to your meeting for over 25 years! We have access to the best speakers worldwide. So challenge us to find that one motivational speaker for your meeting and take your event to the next level! We are happy to talk to you!


Why Speakers Academy?

At Speakers Academy, we are committed to helping organizations arrange meetings with the best speakers and moderators. We are good at arranging suitable and inspiring speakers that fit the occasion of the meeting, the topic and the target audience. We work worldwide and distinguish ourselves by the breadth of our range of expert speakers and the knowledge we have about our speakers. It’s no coincidence that we’ve been a household name in the Netherlands and far beyond our borders for 25 years.

Our speakers are happy with us and our clients rate us with a 9 plus.