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Comedian | Cultural assimilation

Greg Shapiro

Greg Shapiro is a comedian, actor and author. He has both an American and Dutch citizenship. Greg became world famous as the voice of Donald Trump in Arjan Lubach's "Netherlands Second" video.

Facilitator,Keynote Speaker,Moderator,Performance,Presenter,Workshop
Facilitator,Keynote Speaker,Moderator,Performance,Presenter,Workshop,

Specialist Subjects

1. How to be Dutch - The quiz show!

Greg Shapiro presents: HOW TO BE DUTCH – THE QUIZ SHOW!

All the questions that SHOULD be on the Dutch citizenship exam, by the American Netherlander who’s been living here 25 years.

Greg Shapiro (Boom Chicago, Comedy Central, ‘Zondag Met Lubach’) has written a book about Dutch culture: HOW TO BE DUTCH: the Quiz. As a comedian, Shapiro starts by looking at the questions on the actual Dutch citizenship exam. Sometimes a simple analysis of the actual questions reveals more about the Dutch mentality than the exam ever intended. Next, Shapiro introduces his own exam, with questions that will test your knowledge on Dutch pride, Dutch stereotypes, Dutch poitics – and yes Sinterklaas.

Shapiro has written so many quiz questions, he can tailor-make a quiz for your event. Previous quizzes have featured: Dutch Office Culture; Dutch Housing and Dutch Sustainability.

Quiz Shows are generally 15- 30 minutes. Tailoring is available, Pre-meetings are available.

2.   Integration
3.   The Dutch Culture
4.   The American Culture
5.   American Politics
6.   US Politics
7.   EU Politics
8.   Doing Business in Foreign Country
9.   Corporate Culture / CSR
10.   Sustainability
11.   Climate

Blogs & publications

22 June 2022

The EU Needs a Late Night Comedy Show | Greg Shapiro   The EU Needs a Late Night Comedy Show | A TED Talk by Greg Shapiro. The EU: it's so...

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