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Book a speaker

You would like to book a speaker for your meeting but you have never done so before ? Don't worry!

How does it work ?

Below you will find a summary of the steps that are taken when booking a speaker at Speakers Academy®.

Our service is focused on supporting your event goals and ensuring the success of your event.

1. Familiarisation


Through your input via our online form, telephone call and/or e-mail contact, we collect as much information as possible about your event, the purpose of your meeting and the composition of your audience.

2. Research


We select the most suitable speakers for your meeting based on your wishes and preferences.

3. Proposal


You will receive a tailor-made proposal from us with the requested speaker(s) or an overview of our recommendations with a concise profile.

4. Selection


You confirm the desired speaker by signing the offer and returning it to us.

5. Agreement


You will receive an agreement from us. This means that the speaker or chairman of the day has been definitively booked and the agenda has been reserved.

6. Preparation


You will receive a briefing document from us, which we will forward to the speaker or chairman of the day. Together with you we schedule a telephone or personal work meeting with the speaker or chairperson of the day. During this work meeting you can make a one-to-one switch with the speaker or chair of the day about your meeting and your wishes.

7. Logistics


We ensure that the speaker or chairperson of the day is aware of the address of the location of your events and we will take the best possible account of distances and travel times when planning the lecture or chairperson of the day, so that the speaker arrives on time for your event.

8. Show Time


The speaker or chairman of the day will make a spectacular contribution to your event.

It always works that way?

No, not always. In more than 20 years, we have learned that every customer and every request is different. An important part of our work is to put ourselves in the shoes of the customer to really understand what the customer has in mind.

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