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ACADEMY® International Magazine

Every article published in ACADEMY® International Magazine is a true jewel of craftsmanship. To our knowledge, ACADEMY® International Magazine is the first European and even global magazine totally dedicated to speakers and their topics, and is generally regarded as leading controlled-circulation publication. Copies are sent to the most influential people in Europe and beyond. Each issue is read by approximately 250,000 people.

The magazine is a well-respected platform for intellectual readers, prospects, speakers, renowned authors and media personalities. Every article is a truly brilliant display of craftsmanship. We bestow the utmost care upon the content, layout and photography of ACADEMY® International Magazine.

Every issue of ACADEMY® International Magazine circulates approximately 6 months and will be read on a regular basis by an average of 6 people per copy during that period. This means that the magazine reaches more than a quarter of a million readers and potential clients. For a short impression of ACADEMY® International Magazine refer to Top Interviews.


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