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Keynote speaker on performance enhancement, behavioural change and growth

Ben Tiggelaar PhD

Dr. Ben Tiggelaar (1969) is an independent researcher, writer and trainer. His goal: helping people to turn their dreams into action.Dr. Ben works from his own research and a thorough background in...

Facilitator,Keynote Speaker,Moderator,Training,Workshop / Masterclass

Specialist Subjects

1.  Performance management. (free) Perform better by changing your behaviour
2.  Develop yourself, develop your company. It's a matter of just DOING it!
3.  How to align personal growth and organisational development
4.  Surviving the 21st century. The need for radical innovation.
5.  How to master your own behaviour and how to master the behaviour of others
6.  How to achieve powerful growth (double figures at least), without previously having to invest heavily?
7.  Factors that lead to failure of important changes
8.  Radical innovation: the need for continuous renewal
9.  Personal entrepreneurship
10.  Let's Talk Business


Ben Tiggelaar about Behavior Change

Ben Tiggelaar about Behavior Change


Marshall Goldsmith

Ben Tiggelaar is an inspiring trainer and writer in the field of human behavior and change management. You will find his books and ideas extremely practical, very realistic and fun to read!

Marshall Goldsmithfrom Author of What Got You Here, Won?t Get You There and Secrets of a Leadership Coach.

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