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Dennis-Karpes-©Speakers-Academy-Walter © Walter Kallenbach
Social Entrepeneur, Founder of Dance4Life & the Naga Foundation

Dennis Karpes

About eleven years ago Dennis Karpes called his boss at Levi Strauss and said: I dont come today. In one day Karpes put an idea on paper: Dance4Life was born. An organisation that gives information by means of educational projects and dance events to youngsters between 13 and 19 years about hiv and ...

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Consultancy,Keynote Speaker,Panel,Presentations,

Specialist Subjects

1.   Inspiration and motivation
2.   Leadership
3.   Creativity
4.   Innovation
5.   Brand experience strategies
6.   Marketing & Communication
7.   Youngsters
8.   Dance & Music
9.   Concept development
10.   Sustainibility
11.   Desertification
12.   Food security
13.   Water
14.   Biodiversity
15.   Climate change

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