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Manuel Adamini - (C)Speakers Academy-Walter Kallenbach (6) ©Walter Kallenbach
Climate change: the biggest (investment) opportunity ever

Manuel Adamini MSc.

Manuel is an internationally recognized expert in climate finance. He combines deep insight into climate-related risks and opportunities - and their impact on investments.

Conference host,Interviewer,Keynote Speaker,Moderator,Panel,Workshop / Masterclass
Conference host,Interviewer,Keynote Speaker,Moderator,Panel,Workshop / Masterclass,

Specialist Subjects

1.   Climate Finance: facts & figures, role of corporates, investors, politics, citizens
2.   Climate Change: Threat, Solutions, (investment) Opportunities
3.   CSR and Climate Change Strategies
4.   Responsible Investment: Threats & Opportunities


Manuel Adamini on climate crisis and climate finance

Manuel Adamini on climate crisis and climate finance

Green Finance expert Manuel Adamini on Green Finance

Green Finance expert Manuel Adamini on Green Finance

Green-Finance-Experte Manuel Adamini über Grüne Finanzierungen (UT)

Green-Finance-Experte Manuel Adamini über Grüne Finanzierungen (UT)


He is one of the best speakers I've ever heard or seen!

Manuel Adamini is very dynamic, engaging and professional speaker. We were very lucky to have him on our Ukrainian Climate Finance Forum 2017 and at the Kyiv International Economic Forum. In fact, he ...

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Andrey Gonta, CEO from BFSE
We will be pleased to engage him for future events again

„We engaged Manuel as key note speaker, panellist and moderator for a series of client events held in different European capitals in 2018. Manuel displays a to-the-point yet very versatile ...

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Karsten Wöckener from White & Case LLP
Thought-provoking, inspiring and encouraging!

Manuel inspired the students in the International MBA programme at Nyenrode. His speech was not only thought-provoking, but it encouraged the students to take action. A great example of what we call ...

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prof. dr. André Nijhof, Professor Sustainable Business and Stewardship from Nyenrode Business University
Manuel's compelling and impressive presentation communicates a gripping message

Gripping, depressing and inspiring: Such is the compelling and impressive presentation that Manuel Adamini gave to Obvion. Combining in-depth knowledge with presentation skills, Manuel delivered a ...

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Max Bronzwaer, Executive Director - Treasurer from Obvion Hypotheken
Manuel’s dynamic presence and in-depth knowledge of the industry is excellent

“Manuel’s dynamic presence and in-depth knowledge of the industry, combined with his language skills, were excellent during his moderation of our management meeting in September 2018. His ...

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Ronald Lotgerink, CEO from Vion
Adamini manages to activate his audience so that everyone takes the necessary first steps in his and her field of activity.

In his keynote speech at the virtual OeKB ThinkTank Event in October 2020, Manuel Adamini underlined the explosiveness of the climate crisis as well as the importance of the financial market players ...

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Nastassja Cernko from Oesterreichische Kontrollbank AG (OeKB)

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