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Climate Change Photographer | Mountain Rescue volunteer

Ashley Cooper

In this time around the globe Ashley has probably seen more impacts of climate change than any living human.






"We liked this talk so much that we asked him to come back and do the same talk"

We had Ashley Cooper speak twice at WWF-UK head office at the Living Planet Centre in Woking. On February 13 2017, Ashley delivered an excellent talk to our staff members outlining his experiences of ...

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Ollie Wilson from WWF-UK
"Ashley was able to put across complex issues in a simple way"

We invited Ashley Cooper to give a talk as part of our open program series of lectures at the Institute for Leadership and Sustainability (IFLAS), University of Cumbria. The lecture entitled ...

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Dr David F. Murphy from Institute for Leadership & Sustainability (IFLAS)
A reminder of devastation packed in a wonderful presentation

“Ashley’s powerful photographic presentation at Adventure Uncovered Live provided the audience with a stark reminder of the devastation humans have caused our wonderful planet. Ashley covered ...

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James Wight from Adventure Uncovered

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