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Mark Raben
New technologies | Developing customer experience | Design thinking

Mark Raben

Mark Raben is Chief Technology Officer at SAP for Middle & Eastern Europe. He is one of the leaders in the field of B2B IT innovations

Europe, Middle East
Keynote Speaker
Keynote Speaker,

Specialist Subjects

1. From Stress to Effortless

How does our brain work and how does it impact business transformation?

A humorous keynote with the latest insights from neuroscience and psychology. How do people influence each other? How do you influence yourself? How do you influence a customer? With clear examples, humour and interaction, Mark Raben highlights important insights about how influence works in our brain.

2. The Yin and Yang of Business Innovation

Organizations around the world are entering an era of business model transformation, where innovation is key.

How do you reshape your business and out-innovate your competition leveraging technologies like machine learning, big data, IOT and Blockchain?

In this keynote, you will hear strategies and examples from forward-thinking companies how they use technology to deliver more cutting-edge business innovations.



"Inspiring. Energizing. Professional."

Inspiring. Energizing. Professional. Have you ever felt so energized after a presentation that you want to start brainstorming and working immediately after? That is the feeling after seeing Mark ...

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Cristina Ricaurte Castilla from SAP
"Mark is very creative, open-minded and a great communicator"

I’ve had the privilege to work with Mark on several projects. Mark is very creative, open-minded and a great communicator. He has a wide range of interests and a lot of knowledge about many ...

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Paul Smit from Pathways Global
"Amazing storytelling skills combined with true creativity and the ability to bring strategies to life"

Amazing storytelling skills combined with true creativity and the ability to bring strategies to life is how I would describe Mark Raben. I have worked with Mark in several projects over the last ...

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Joost Rueck from Purple

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