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30 October 2020

‘A journey of connection’ with Jimmy Nelson

Interviewer: Aldith Hunkar

Join us in this webinar with our special guest Jimmy Nelson, known for his beautiful creative work and best-selling books Before They pass Away, and Homage to Humanity.

Jimmy Nelson is a director of the images he creates during his encounters with indigenous people on his endless travels to all corners of the world. In 2010 he began his journey to create the artistic document that became Before They Pass Away which was published in 2013. Its success and the responses to it have enabled and encouraged Jimmy to continue this journey.

In 2018, Nelson published the first interactive book Homage to Humanity, for which he visited another unique 34 indigenous cultures around the globe. With the proceedings of his art projects, the Jimmy Nelson Foundation was set up to take it a step further in supporting the communities on the ground.

For over 30 years Jimmy has been traveling around the world non-stop. Like Everyone else, he is now forced to stop, listen, feel and think about how he will continue his ongoing creative mission and story. We will talk to Jimmy about his creative work, and taking you on a journey of connection, acceptance and respect. Do not miss this! During the live broadcast you will have the opportunity to ask questions yourself.

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