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Mikko Hypponen
Cyber Security | Online Crime | Cyberwar

Mikko Hypponen

Mikko Hypponen is a global security expert. Tagged as a „Code Warrior”, Hypponen is a go-to expert on cybercrime for international news media.

Keynote Speaker,Moderator,Panel
Keynote Speaker,Moderator,Panel,

Specialist Subjects

1.   Cyber Sabotage
2.   Cyberwar
3.   Fighting Online Crime
4.   Future of Internet
5.   Hacking, Hackers and Online Criminals
6.   Leaks and Whistleblowers
7.   Online Espionage
8.   Online Privacy
9.   The Future of Money, Banking and Finance


Mikko Hypponen showreel

Mikko Hypponen showreel

Blogs & publications

6 March 2020

Mikko Hypponen | Fighting viruses, defending the net   Mikko Hypponen is a world-wide authority on...


''As a speaker, he was very knowledgeable and inspirational.''

Mikko made us think and he made us laugh. As a speaker, he was very knowledgeable and inspirational. He made us hope that the talk wouldn’t end just yet!

Emilia Häyrynen from MSD
''Mikko exhibits a remarkable capacity to make complex technical concepts easy to understand.''

Mikko exhibits a remarkable capacity to make complex technical concepts easy to understand, uncoupling the relevant from the mere buzz, and bringing notable anecdotes and first-hand accounts to his ...

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Bruno Giussani from TED
''He was extremely engaging and informative.''

We organized an event where Mikko made a presentation to a diverse group of 400 senior executives. He was extremely engaging and informative. His presentation was a nice blend of the latest facts and ...

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Michael Wade from IMD Business School, Lausanne, Switzerland

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