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14 September 2022

How do you organize a successful webinar?

You want to do something with your team, but you also require distance? Fortunately, this is not a problem nowadays and can even bring advantages...

A webinar is an ideal solution in this day and age. But what is possible with webinars and how do you organize a successful webinar? We will show you!

Roadmap for organizing a webinar

The preperation

1. Choose the topic

Pick a topic for your webinar and work out a script. This does not have to be very extensive, but it gives you peace of mind and a good basis for the day on which the webinar will take place. In it you incorporate what the speaker will say, what topics will be covered and what the purpose of the webinar is.

2. Which speaker(s) do I choose?

Once you know the topic of your webinar, you can start focusing on the speaker. When you select by topic, you will have a list of speakers, chairpersons or moderators to choose from. What kind of person are you looking for? If you get stuck, our colleagues will be happy to help you make a choice!

3. Define target audience

Determine your target audience: Who is the webinar aimed at? What kind of audience would be interested in your webinar? Why would they want to attend it? And what is the purpose of attending this webinar in the first place? Asking some critical questions will ultimately get you to your target audience!

4. Day and time

Choose a date on which your audience can participate in the webinar. Keep in mind your target audience. If they are students, for example, it is not a good idea to hold the webinar during school hours. If it is aimed at parents, it is not a good idea to hold it when the children are just being put to bed. Is the webinar aimed at international audiences? Then keep in mind the different time zones. In addition, plan the webinar several weeks ahead so that your audience still has a spot available in his/her calendar.

5. Webinar form

There are many different forms of a webinar: live or pre-recorded, with or without a chatbox, ability to watch the webinar at a later date or not. Each form also requires a choice of what materials to use: do you record it in a studio with professional cameras or from home with a laptop?

6. Promotion

Once everything is settled, it’s time to promote your webinar! You can do this through promotion on social media channels, posting a message on your website, sending a newsletter or sending an invitation to contacts. Anything you can do to get your target audience in touch with the webinar.

The day of the webinar

The Dresscode

Discuss with the speaker, moderator or chairman of the day what is and is not convenient to put on. Keep in mind that stripes or plaid can be distracting on screen. It should also be compatible with the speaker’s background. If the webinar is being recorded on location, meet about 2 hours in advance to go over everything together and do a practice session.

Good preparation is half the battle

Make sure you have properly prepared all aspects involved in organizing a webinar. Consider:
– The script
– A detailed and printed manuscript
– Checking the connection between the computer and the platform on which the webinar will take
– Go over everything again with the technicians (how do you want the cameras, lighting, sound, etc.)

Make it available on demand

After a webinar session, you always have the opportunity to re-live the event, evaluate it and incorporate feedback for the next event.

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