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10 November 2022

Invest in the future

Sustainability, climate and the environment are and will remain important topics of conversation in the coming years. Climate change, global warming and environmentally conscious business: We are becoming increasingly aware of the fact that we need to treat the earth in a sustainable way.

More and more companies are looking for ways to do more CSR. Individuals are also trying to make their lives more sustainable, for example by driving electrically, installing solar panels or being a vegetarian/vegan. What is our responsibility in the corporate sector and what can we do? How can you and your company invest in the future?

          1. Driving an electric car

Are public transportation and cycling not an option, or do your employees travel a lot? Then explore the possibilities of electric driving. When you drive an electric car, you immediately reduce CO2 emissions. And especially attractive: a lot of governments, like Germany or the Netherlands, offer incentives for electric driving. For example, you can be exempt from motor vehicle, car and motorcycle taxes and have a lower additional tax liability.

Want to know more about developments in electric driving, innovations in the automotive sector or good (sustainable) employment practices? Jeroen Vertongen or Niels van Roij can tell you more.

          2. Let your employees work from home from time to time

Even better than promoting public transportation and electric driving is promoting working from home. Even if it’s just one or two days a week.

Do you find the concept of home office exciting? Book a team-building session with coaches Marc Lammers or Jitske Kramer to discuss how combining working from home and working from the office works well for everyone.

          3. Waste of water

We all know that we need to conserve water, and it can be easier than you think. In fact, it’s often the small adjustments that make a big difference. Remember not to take showers that are too long and too hot. Not only is this a waste of water, but it’s also not good for your skin! In fact, too much (hot) water will make your skin very dry. Using a dishwasher is also a waste if it is not completely full. This uses a lot of energy, and for a few items, it is much more sustainable to wash them separately.

Social entrepreneur Dennis Karpes or waste designer Césare Peeren will be happy to tell you more about water waste and what you can do about it.

          4. Conscious printing

Your company probably still does a lot of printing. Before you print something out immediately, consider whether it’s really necessary or if it can be done digitally. Encourage the use of Slack and email, or (perhaps even better) reach out to a colleague and ask them a question. In your email signature, call for printing an email only when absolutely necessary. This way, you create instant awareness among colleagues, customers, and external partners.

Source: De Duurzame Adviseurs