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Workshop Juri Hoedemakers

Drs. Court Jester Reflection Workshop

During a Reflection Session, Juri Hoedemakers holds up the necessary mirror. This helps you to look for your blind spots and then discover the best version of yourself.

Juri Hoedemakers

Expert on (self-)reflection | Court Jester

The Court Jester Reflection Workshop

During the Reflection Session by Drs. Court Jester (Juri Hoedemakers), the necessary mirror is held up to you. This helps you to look for your blind spots and then discover the best version of yourself. Juri combines scientific insights from his award-winning thesis at the Erasmus University with issues he encounters in companies and organizations in practice. And he does this in a very light-hearted and fun way. During the session, Juri stimulates the participants to look at reflection from a different angle: the angle of the court jester.

The sessions are very practically structured. The first block is theory, then he makes the translation to practice, then he seeks interaction with the participants. At the end he comes back to the core and gives practical tools. Juri can even make possible links with programs that are already running. The sessions can be either digital or physical.

This workshop is for everyone, but mainly for those who dare to hold a mirror up to themselves.

Content of the workshop

The content of a workshop by Juri is always by mutual agreement. The interactive workshops are composed of theory (including examples, anecdotes, videos and possibly a quiz), practice and, of course, it is also possible to link to programs that are already running. The components of the reflection session:

  • Who are you?
  • What is reflection?
  • Open climate
  • Court Jester Quiz
  • Reflection in practice
  • Back to yourself

The outcome of the workshop is:

  • More energy
  • More awareness
  • Greater insight into reflection and blind spots

Practical implementation and organization

  • Workshop duration: 1.5 to 2 hours
  • Number of participants: up to 100 people live and up to 350 people online

Workshop Juri Hoedemakers

Who is Juri Hoedemakers?

Juri Hoedemakers won the thesis prize at RSM Erasmus University with his thesis on the importance of the court jester for leaders and their modern organizations. He then got to write a book about it. That book, “Gezocht: Hofnar“, reached #3 in the top 100 and was recently nominated as Management Book of the Year 2022. And that ensures that he gets to give lectures and workshops at companies and speak at (digital) events almost every week. In addition, he has also been appointed expert blogger on reflection (through the eyes of the court jester) at De Ondernemer/DPG Media and is pursuing a PhD on the court jester at Erasmus University from September 2021. To top it off, in October 2021 he will actually be appointed to the official position of court jester at AFAS Software for one day a week.

Juri Hoedemakers

Expert on (self-)reflection | Court Jester

Juri Hoedemakers is drs. Hofnar. He teaches you to clearly state what you think and feel using the...

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