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Sophie van der Stap

Sophie van der Stap is a successful Dutch author, known for the bestselling Girl with Nine Wigs

Keynote Speaker,Moderator
Keynote Speaker,Moderator,

Specialist Subjects

1. Girl with nine wigs

Sophie still enjoys talking with verve and humor about her time as a patient, about how to live versus how to survive and about her wigs and hospital experiences.

2. Beyond the Words

You can also book Sophie for a fascinating lecture about her passion for language and communication. While abroad, she had to learn other languages and experienced delays, but also freedom.

If it is true that language partly forms our reality, does this reality broaden when learning another language? And does all reality fit into language or is there another reality that we cannot grasp, in words and grammar? In short, is there a language beyond words?

Drawing on recent research and using her imagination, Sophie sketches a scenario of a language spoken, beyond our hearing, between animals and trees. She reads from her story, The Girl And The Shark, based on fact, about a woman who frees sharks from lagging fish hooks and makes the extraordinary discovery that the sharks she encounters communicate with each other about this. She then takes you into the forest and its underground network of roots and fungi. That trees communicate with each other has now been scientifically established.


TEDxMaastricht - Sophie van der Stap

TEDxMaastricht - Sophie van der Stap

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