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A medical doctor with a passion for health (and how to keep it) and biogerontology (the science of aging)

Dr. Kris Verburgh

Kris Verburgh (1986) graduated magna cum laude in medicine from the University of Antwerp, Belgium, Europe.He has a passion for medicine, neuroscience and biogerontology (the science of aging). At the age of 25, dr. Verburgh was the author of 3 science books. His books got many reprints and ...

Keynote Speaker,Presentations
Keynote Speaker,Presentations,

Specialist Subjects

1.   Why do we age? What is the role of nutrition in the aging process?
2.   The future of science – the new trends in the 21ste century
3.   How does the brain work?
4.   On creativity and intelligence
5.   Religion, spirituality and morality in the brain
6.   The purpose of begin sick – about diseases and the theory of evolution
7.   Science and amazement: how science makes the world more beautiful
8.   About the universe - from big bang to consciousness
9.   What is happiness? Happiness in the brain (and outside it)
10.   Nutrition and the brain - about the sense and nonsense of brain food
11.   Artificial intelligence and creativity - will computers ever get more intelligent than people? What is intelligence?


Cor van Leeuwen

“Kris Verburgh, scientific heavyweight and a master speaker."

Cor van Leeuwen from member of the board of directors Rabobank
Peter van Lindonk

"There are speakers who reach the ears of their audience and there are speakers who reach ears and heart. Kris Verburgh is one of the latter and enchanted everybody at PINC."

Peter van Lindonk from co-founder & director PINC Conferences
Rob Gruben

“Without a doubt, the lecture of Kris Verburgh was one of the best we have ever seen at our Rotary meetings. A lecture of such a brilliant speaker is perhaps a one in 20-year event and I think this ...

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Rob Gruben from Rotaryclub, The Netherlands

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