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If you could change one thing in your organization, what would that be? Why wait?

Joost Wouters

Joost Wouters is a consultant, speaker and author. The main reason that Management Teams invite Joost to their table is because he is a living example of what they want to achieve. Or as one of his...

Keynote Speaker,Moderator,Presenter,Workshop

Specialist Subjects

1.  Control Email. Create Time. Lead Your Business
2.  How to be different in a world where every player is the same
3.  How to make negotiating a company-wide skill
4.  How to live a life you love
5.  Preparing your company for a successful merger
6.  How to transform your Management Team into a Leadership Team
7.  What we can learn from climbing a mountain
8.  How to make a winning strategic plan
9.  Building vital and dynamic teams

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