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Leg 11, from Gothenburg to The Hague, arrivals. 24 June, 2018.

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Keynote , Future & Technology Speakers, Moderators and Sports Motivators

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André Kuipers
Astronaut and Ambassador of the Earth
Astronomy, Climate Change, Motivation & Inspiration
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Kay Formanek MBA
Diversity | Talent | Leadership
Change Management, Leadership, Millennials
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Fons Trompenaars
Riding the Waves of Culture | Cultural Diversity in Business
Change Management, Corporate Culture, Diversity
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Mikko Hypponen
Cyber Security | Online Crime | Cyberwar
Bitcoin, Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies
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Marianne Thieme
Animal Party | Documentarymaker | Activist
Animals, Climate Change, Food & Health
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Inma Martinez
Digital Pioneer | Artificial Intelligence Scientist
Artificial Intelligence, Banking, Big Data
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David Coulthard
Formula 1 Grand Prix Winner | Television Broadcaster | Author | Entrepreneur
Innovation, Motivation & Inspiration, Performance
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Gerd Leonhard
Futurist & Humanist | Leading Expert on the Future
Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Education
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Jimmy Nelson
Motivation & Inspiration, Sports & Adventure, Sustainable Entrepreneurship & Social Enterprise
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Akwasi Frimpong
First Skeleton Athlete from Ghana | Olympic Winter Athlete
Inspiratie, Leadership, Motivation & Inspiration
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Mark Raben
New technologies | Developing customer experience | Design thinking
Change Management, Customer Experience, Digital
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Carolijn Brouwer
Winner Volvo Ocean Race 2018
Leadership, Motivatie & Inspiratie, Motivation & Inspiration
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Blogs & videos

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26 April 2024

"Failure intelligence in a complex, dynamic world."

prof. dr. Paul Iske
29 March 2023

Beyond ChatGPT: Harnessing the Power of AI for Real-World Impact and Transformation

Jolanda ter Maten MSc

The EU Needs a Late Night Comedy Show | Greg Shapiro

Greg Shapiro
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Re-thinking Education for the Never Normal | Peter Hinssen

Peter Hinssen
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The day after tomorrow | Rik Vera

Rik Vera
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Speakers Academy News

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10 November 2022

Invest in the future

Sustainability, climate and the environment are and will remain important topics of conversation in the coming years. Climate change, global warming...

14 September 2022

How do you organize a successful webinar?

You want to do something with your team, but you also require distance? Fortunately, this is not a problem nowadays and can even bring advantages......

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30 October 2020

'A journey of connection' with Jimmy Nelson

Interviewer: Aldith Hunkar...

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I became the youngest professional speaker through Speakers Academy

"As a 21-year-old, Speakers Academy gave me the opportunity to become the youngest professional speaker in the Netherlands at the time, and that's not the only reason why I remain faithful. Nina, ...

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Danny Mekic Speaker, entrepreneur, tech expert, internet expert, innovation expert
The team delivers customization with great enthusiasm

Speakers Academy is the cure for fake news. They bring the source to the audience with great enthusiasm. With a lot of enthusiasm, the team delivers tailor-made solutions, which means that they score ...

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Major General (b.d.) Pieter Cobelen
We have built a close relationship with Speakers Academy

Speakers Academy, one of the first speakers agency that approached us over 10 years ago. Since then, we have built up a close relationship with the employees at Speakers Academy. The information on ...

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Desirée Kuijt Prof. Dr. Margriet Sitskoorn