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Radical innovator | Digital | Artificial Intelligence | Leadership

Elfried Klarenbeek

Elfried Klarenbeek is a passionate innovator.  He operates at the intersection of human values, technology and business. He tells stories, connects, facilitates and creates businesses.

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Specialist Subjects

1. Teams in flow

Teams in flow

Discover flow and what it can do for your organization.

Flow, our natural state of being, is a key to effortless collaboration and creation. It opens the door to the full potential of individuals and teams. Flow offers a solid answer to the ever-changing and more complex environment. Flow is a simple way to effectiveness, meaning and inspiration for teams.

Learn about a practical model with the four steps to flow and the conditions needed to bring teams into a state of flow.

The talk is 60 minutes and can on request be followed by an experiential workshop (creating in flow) to experience for yourself what flow is and how to reap the benefits as a team.

2. Creating in flow

Creating in flow

Learn to apply the principles of flow and discover how to create and collaborate from flow.


Renewal is hard

Leaders and innovators in organizations are confronted with issues that can no longer be solved in the usual ways. Innovation in a continuously faster changing and more complex environment is extremely hard. More and more organizations are actively looking for the next level of organizational intelligence. Organization & innovation must go hand in hand as a key to renewal and transformation.

Collaborative flow

Creating in flow is a one-day workshop where you experience the principles behind creating in flow, and how you can create & innovate effortlessly and lightning-fast from a state of flow. Using the “Teams in Flow” model, you discover the four levels of collaboration: Survival, Safety, Synergy and Flow.

Action learning

The day is all about experiencing. You’ ll start working as soon as possible on a case. The team, their questions and their themes are the starting point.

Based on 10 years of research

Creating in flow is a method that originated during 10 years of research in a research program in collaboration with Nijenrode business university. Over 40 organizations participated in this program.

Who is this workshop for?

Organizations and teams with a challenge in the area of transformation & renewal. Pioneers who lead an innovation or transformation project. People who want to experience what it means to work and collaborate from the full potential.

Customized workshop

The workshop is always adapted to your organization, the participants and the phase in which your organization is currently in.

Upon request, we create a tailor-made workshop based on an intake of the organisation and the specific needs and challenges that are at hand.

The workshop can be given for half a day or a full day, or two full days.


3. The future of work

The future of work

This talk is an exploration of the themes that underlie the tectonic shifts in the world of work. A journey into the explosive mix of rapidly changing technology, business, economy and society and the questions that arise for all of us.

What does this mean for how we are going to work in the future? Will we continue to work at all? What is the impact of the large platforms on our work? What about robots and Artificial Intelligence (AI)? Are we humans being pushed out of the labor market? Is the basic income a good idea?

One thing is clear in all of this uncertainty. If we want to create a future that works for everyone, we have to put “being human” at the center of our work.

And being human is something that we do together.

4. AI; the ultimate human resource?

AI; the ultimate human resource?

AI is the most transformational technology invented in the history of mankind. It is named the new electricity with more impact then the written word. At an exponential pace it finds its way into our products, services, our work, our social relationships, and slowly our entire life.

These developments force us to face some major questions. Do we actually understand what is happening? When and how does it affect your organization? How do we organize ourselves in an AI-driven world? Are we heading towards a tech driven utopia? Ultimately this requires from us to consider what it means to be human in this tech driven world.

This talk gives paints a picture of the true extent of this revolution, considers it with the necessary suspicion and encourages you to think.

Be surprised and get some grip on what’s coming.

5.   Corporate innovation and co-creation

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