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Evil in Modern Thought and Moral Clarity

dr. Susan Neiman

Susan Neiman is a moral philosopher, a cultural commentator and essayist, with an interest in exploring the persistence and juncture of Enlightenment thought and moral philosophy, metaphysics,...

Keynote spreker


1. Ethics in the Boardroom
2. 60 Years Bundesrepublik Deutschland: Memory, Morality, Madness
3. Realism and Idealism in Contemporary Politics
4. Moral Clarity: Which Values Do We Share?
5. Evil in the 21st Century
6. Ethics without Religion
7. Natural and Unnatural Evils
8. Shared Moral Values: Bringing Cultures Together
9. How to Win a Culture War
10. Fundamentalism in Europe and America: Notes After Terror
11. The Role of Philosophy in Modern Politics
12. Kant
13. Religion in Global Culture: What Drives Fundamentalists?
14. Bush and Obama: What Europeans Don’t See
15. Europe and America: Understanding the Moral Differences

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