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Techionista | Trendwatcher | Innovative Technology

Vivianne Bendermacher

As a self-proclaimed Techionista, Vivianne Bendermacher spots all the trends in innovative technology.

Chairperson,Facilitator,Keynote Speaker,Moderator,Webinar
Chairperson,Facilitator,Keynote Speaker,Moderator,Webinar,

Specialist Subjects

1. A sense of technology

Vivianne will take you into the future based on 2 major trends we are facing now:

1. we are getting older (double aging) and

2. we are in the midst of the 4th industrial revolution.

What are the consequences of these trends? Tip of the iceberg: we all have to work longer and longer, and we have to use as much of our labor potential as possible. Even groups that are currently underrepresented. What does that mean for us as human beings? But now that we are in the middle of that 4th industrial revolution, we as humans are also going to change; our relationship to technology is going to be substantially different. How then? What does that mean? And how are we going to respond to it? A lecture with many concrete examples (no, no coffee-gazing). Examples that sometimes make you restless, sometimes work on your funny bone and above all, make you think.

After this lecture, at least you will go out more critically.

Topics covered: AI, Internet of Toys, Privacy, biased data, robotics.

Duration: approximately one hour.

2. The importance of diversity in ICT / Tech

Where are the women in ICT and tech? Why is it that far fewer women choose ICT/tech in the Netherlands than in, say, former Eastern Bloc countries? And what exactly is the problem: surely women themselves choose not to want to work in ICT/tech? Well… not quite. Vivianne explains where the lack of diversity comes from, what the possible dangers of this are and how we can turn the tide.

Topics covered: AI, Machine Learning, Unconscious biases.

Duration: approximately 30 minutes.

3. Custom lecture

On request.


Dutch Data Science Week (English starts at 1:19)

Dutch Data Science Week (English starts at 1:19)

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