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Richard van Hooijdonk
Trendwatcher, futurist and international keynote speaker

Richard van Hooijdonk

Trendwatcher, futurist and international keynote speaker Richard van Hooijdonk takes you to an inspiring future that will dramatically change the way we live, work and do business. Richard investigates, with his international research team trends like robotics, drone technology, autonomous ...

Keynote Speaker
Keynote Speaker,

Specialist Subjects

1.   The Future of Construction
2.   The Future of Health
3.   The Future of Agriculture
4.   The Future of Logistics and Supply Chain Management
5.   The Future of Finance
6.   The Future of Education
7.   The Future of Smart Cities and Governance
8.   The Future of Retail
9.   Trends! Onward to 2030
10.   Company of the future
11.   The Future of Work
12.   The Future of Cybercrime and Terrorism
13. Welcome to the future: a new reality.

Are you ready for tomorrow’s world? How do you stay successful in challenging times?

1. From hero to zero
The transition from success to uncertainty

2. The magic of a crisis or recession
What have we learned from the crash in 1987, the dot-com crisis, 9-11, and the financial meltdown in 2008?

3. What did the corona crisis bring us?
How are organisations, schools, and healthcare transforming as a result of corona? Several exciting examples: Amex, Zoom and schools.

4. The future after COVID
Industries will change forever. We’re full speed ahead on our way to tomorrow’s world. From airlines to virtual reality, from retail to platform retail, the end of transport and logistics, and several other examples (hotels & restaurants).

5. Uncertainty as a foundation for innovation and disruption
Successful startups and innovations that have emerged during a crisis. What were the success factors, and how can we learn from them? Our mindset during a recession. How to look behind the events in times of crisis or recession?

6. The acceleration of acceleration
A tremendous, fast-pace of tremendous change is coming. What are the ten most exciting trends leading up to 2030, and what is their impact? 5G, satellites, self-driving cars, drones, IoT, AI, and quantum computing – what are their effects on prosperity and happiness? Inspiring examples from different sectors.


7. The organization of the future
An organisation that can quickly adapt to the world of tomorrow, what does that look like? The hyperconnected, experimental organisation is all about: 21st-century skills, inspiring ecosystems, virtual organisations, special forces, and managing uncertainty.

8. Digital business models
Faster, easier, cheaper and more profitable. How can new business models help you be successful in difficult times? What are the advantages of hybrid, platform and digital business models? Which inspiring examples will keep you going?

9. The future of leadership
Leaders lead organisations to where rapid change is needed. What skills do tomorrow’s leaders need? Let’s take a peek into the leadership kitchens of startups, technology companies and shifting organisations.

10. Future you!
What can you do to adapt your organisation to the rapid changes that are about to happen? How do you get new ideas, how do you inspire others? How can you develop a mindset that is ready for the world of tomorrow? We’ll share some examples from different sectors.


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