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Russian Entrepreneur

Mikhail Khomich

Mickail is:EntrepreneurManaging director of Moscow State University Business IncubatorTutor of Moscow State University, SKOLKOVO Business School, Higher School of Economics, Moscow State University...

Coaching,Consultancy,Keynote Speaker,Motivational Speaker,Presentations,Presenter,Workshop / Masterclass

Specialist Subjects

1.  Course «How to create new startup»
2.  Pursue of business idea. Idea assessment
3.  Selection startup strategy
4.  Business modeling
5.  Marketing – market evaluation
6.  Marketing – advertising and product promotion
7.  Branding – how to build new brand
8.  Sales – strategy and tactics
9.  Team design – how to find best people
10.  Secrets of successful presentations
11.  Project management
12.  Finance of innovation
13.  Pursue of investments – how to get money for your startup
14.  Business acceleration – how to create and manage successful business incubator
15.  Innovations in Russia – key differences and ways of doing business in Russia and with Russians

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