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Jolanda ter Maten MSc

Jolanda ter Maten is an international trainer, advisor, author and speaker. In addition, she is regularly hired as an expert at the European Commission for "Blockchain Observatory & Forum".

Interviewer / Talkshow-host,Keynote Speaker,Keynote spreker,Virtual Keynotes
Interviewer / Talkshow-host,Keynote Speaker,Keynote spreker,Virtual Keynotes,

Specialist Subjects

1. Trends and New Technology in understandable language

Current business models are disrupted by the rapid development of new technology. Companies adjust their strategy accordingly and as a result will do business differently and make different demands on their suppliers. Also in order to be able to continue to meet customer wishes, which are also subject to change due to the arrival of new technology.

As a business professional it is important to be aware of these technological developments, how they affect the business (and your customers too!), and what this means for the demand from the new business models to the market and their suppliers.

2. Blockchain

During an interactive inspiring session I will take you into the world of Blockchain. Blockchain technology is changing the way we transact, collaborate and trust each other. You will learn to understand what it is and how you can get a grip on how Blockchain affects your organization and sector. By understanding what ‘transactions’ are in the broad sense of the word and how they got started, you can get a clear picture of how these processes have been regulated over time to how we know them today. The frictions, costs and inefficiencies that this has entailed in our current system are mapped out. From this position we will explore the role of intermediaries, and how Blockchain can help to provide more transparency and more accurate information cost- and time-efficiently.

By the end of this session, you will understand how Blockchain works, including: cryptography, mining, consensus, smart contracts and what type of Blockchains are suitable for Business.


Introduction and History
The Basics of Blockchain
Different Types of Blockchains and Consensus
Smart Contracts and the Impact of Blockchain

3. Artificial Intelligence

During an interactive inspiring session I will take you into the world of Artificial Intelligence, you will learn how AI has developed over the past decades and what enormous impact this has on companies and society. AI systems can work through large amounts of data at great speed, devise scenarios and make predictions based on this data. Ingredients that give companies that handle their data smartly, and therefore have relevant data and insights available thanks to AI, a major advantage over their competitors.


Human & Artificial Intelligence: Introduction and History
An Introduction to Machine Learning
Ethics and Sustainability
The Future of AI: Human Plus Machine


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