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CEO and Managing Partner of agency Paper Planes, Business trainer and coach

Ilya Balahnin

- CEO and Managing Partner of agency Paper Planes- Founder and CEO of University of the Future «Idealogy»- Vice-president for innovations at IABC/Russia- Head of WebInCo Russia- The member of the...

Brainstorm,Coaching,Columnist,Consultancy,Debate participation,Facilitator,Forum,Interviewer,Interviewer / Talkshow-host,Keynote Speaker,Masterclass,Moderator,Motivational Speaker,Panel,Presentations,Presenter,Speech coaching,Storytelling,Workshop,Workshop / Masterclass

Specialist Subjects

1.  Strategic communications in New Media
2.  Innovations in business by means of New Media
3.  Creative work
4.  Convergent galaxy
5.  Modern political technologies in New Media
6.  Modelling of corporate systems of motivation
7.  Digital strategies
8.  New Media in HR

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