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Herman Konings © Wouter van Vaerenbergh
Change psychologist | Trend analyst

drs. Herman Konings

Herman Konings has a PhD degree in theoretical (and consumer) psychology (cum laude) and is founder of Belgian trend and future research agency Pocket Marketing/nXt.

Keynote Speaker
Keynote Speaker,

Specialist Subjects

1. The impact of a contemporary profound global crisis

Historians, anthropologists and sociologists have long known that landslide crises are capable of accelerating dormant processes of civilization. The unreal experience of a society on lockdown leaves deep, grievous marks, but allows the human spirit to open up to new insights, attitudes, behaviors and challenges.

2.   Society trends
3.   Trends of the consumer
4.   Different trends in different generations
5.   Trends in the consumer psychology
6.   Trends in business-to-business marketing

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