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A unique specialist in Nothern and Western Africa

Gerbert van der Aa

Gerbert van der Aa is a Dutch historian and journalist, who specialises in Northern and Western Africa. He writes articles for various magazines and newspapers in the Netherlands. As an expert he appears regularly on radio and television. His book 'Nigerian situations. A journey through Africa's ...

Keynote Speaker
Keynote Speaker,

Specialist Subjects

1.   War in Darfur (Sudan)
2.   The exaggeration of the famine problem in Africa
3.   Shell in Nigeria
4.   Why giving aid to developing countries fails
5.   Driving over Saharan dunes
6.   Sharia in Nigeria
7.   Car exports to Africa
8.   Illegal Africans on their way to Europe
9.   Muslim terrorists in Algeria
10.   Football (soccer) in Africa
11.   The cultural background of Moroccan Berbers in the Netherlands
12.   African roots of the blues
13.   Colonel Gaddafi
14.   Why our image of Africa is too negative
15.   The Sahara is getting greener
16.   Succesful companies in Africa
17.   The revolution in the North of Africa

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