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The first Spanish person to give a lecture at the annual meeting of the Nobel Laureates in Economics

Félix Cuesta

Félix Cuesta was born in Madrid in June 1952 and in December 2008 was the first Spanish person invited to participate in the annual meeting of Nobel Laureates in Economics (Nobel's Colloquia, 2008). Here, he gave a speech regarind a methodolgy created by himself named "customering". His ...

Brainstorm,Consultancy,Keynote Speaker,Masterclass
Brainstorm,Consultancy,Keynote Speaker,Masterclass,

Specialist Subjects

1.   "inbound" marketing VERSUS "outbound" marketing
2.   The impact of the internet and online social media
3.   Crises as a natural state for companies
4.   The authentic origins of the current crises and the Forbes list
5.   Establishing orientation strategies for your clients
6.   Implementation of different strategies throughout your company
7.   The "low- cost" society

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