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Scientific journalist | Author | Speaker

dr. Bennie Mols

Bennie Mols is a science journalist, author and speaker with twenty years of experience.

Keynote Speaker
Keynote Speaker,

Specialist Subjects

1. Future of the brain

Which techniques will we use to improve our own brains? Can we download our brain and upload new knowledge and skills? Will man become more computer and the computer more human? Can we imitate our brain on a supercomputer?

2. Artificial intelligence

Computers and robots are getting smarter. Are they going to be smarter than humans? Is artificial intelligence or human intelligence different? How can we combine the best of both?

3. Robots

Robots make people more efficient. Technology has made us more efficient for centuries. Robots do not make people completely unnecessary, they work together with people.

4. Alan Turing

Computer pioneer, hacker of the German Enigma code, inventor of the Turing Test, tragic hero. In his book Turings Tango (2012), Bennie Mols wrote extensively about the life and work of Turing. He also took part in an official Turing test in London in 2014, the first for which a computer was successful. In November 2014, the film ‘The imitation game’ premiered in the Netherlands, about life and work by Alan Turing.

5. Big Data

‘Big Data’ has become a buzzword. But what can and do we really want to do with it?

6. Technological trends

Most people overestimate technology in the short term, but underestimate it in the long term. The science of today determines what the future will look like in a few decades.


The one thing computers and robots will never be able to do: Bennie Mols at TEDxDelft

The one thing computers and robots will never be able to do: Bennie Mols at TEDxDelft

Bennie Mols. Have no fear: the robots are here!

Bennie Mols. Have no fear: the robots are here!

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