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Networking guru, social networks, Web 2.0, cooperation

André Dan

The vision of André Dan is to serve enterprises, institutions and networks: Networking, Management and International. The social networking, real and virtual, is revolutionizing our way of life and...

Coaching,Keynote Speaker,Motivational Speaker,Panel,Presenter,Training

Specialist Subjects

1.  Social Networks
2.  Networking
3.  Web 2.0
4.  Cooperation


André Dan Speaker at Speakers Academy®  - The Networkers Forum

André Dan Speaker at Speakers Academy® - The Networkers Forum


Martine Castro,

"André is the best person for networking. Professional, charismatic, mindful, he knows how to link people together in and effective and friendly way. Networking with André is a great experience,...

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Martine Castro,from Marketing expert
Business expert

"André Dan is one of the few experts at the Relational Capital Level. He allies social competence to a bright professional competence. He is tremendously fast, so fast that you don't even notice his ...

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Business expertfrom Mustapha Ait Amnay Bouga,
Dan Low,

"You're wonderfully building bridges and connecting us all."

Dan Low,from Author and lecturer
Alain Lefebvre,

"André is a true example of a networker and a 'go-between' kind of people. He was able to create a real 'club' in the IT French market, despite the strong cultural resistances in this country. This...

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Alain Lefebvre,from Founder of

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