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Expert in Fashion Communication, Protocol and Organising Events

Ana Fernãndez

Communication consultant, event organizer and specialized in fashion marketing, lifestyle and retail. Ana Fernández collaborates regularly with several companies in the fashion sector as Trucco,...

Consultancy,Debate participation,Interviewer,Masterclass,Presentations,Presenter,Workshop,Workshop / Masterclass

Specialist Subjects

1.  Public Relations for fashion companies and designers
2.  Internal Public Relations
3.  Social Protocol
4.  Coolhunting
5.  Coolhunting for event organisers
6.  Public Relations with Bloggers
7.  Public Relations through Social Networks
8.  Event Organisation
9.  Experimental Marketing
10.  Fashion showroom management
11.  Media Open Days Management
12.  Fashion Collections Presentations
13.  Blogger events organisation
14.  Nonverbal communication
15.  Psychology of communication
16.  Protocol in Social Networks (Netiqueta)
17.  Product Placement
18.  Street Marketing

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