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Generation-expert and change manager

Dr. Aart Bontekoning

He started his professional career in the Dutch police force, first at street level, but later on in higher management. His growing interest in the process of change development led to studying Organizational Psychology at Utrecht University. In 1993 he started experimenting with generations as the ...

Columnist,Consultancy,Panel,Presenter,Workshop / Masterclass
Columnist,Consultancy,Panel,Presenter,Workshop / Masterclass,

Specialist Subjects

1.   Successive generations and social evolution in organizations
2.   How can we keep our aging organization contemporary?
3.   How can we be the employer of choice for all generations?
4.   How can we be attractive for the juniors of generation Y (1985-2000)?
5.   How can we work on the sustainability of our work force?
6.   How can we embrace the modern ways of working from within our organization?
7.   How can we develop contemporary leadership?
8.   How can we develop ongoing evolutionary change by means of the power of generations?

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