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Creatief Merkstrateeg

Wouter Boon

Wouter Boon werkt sinds 2008 als zelfstandig merkstrateeg in de creatieve industrie. Naast het geven van merkadvies is Wouter hoofdredacteur van het internationale reclame magazine Amsterdam Ad Blog...

Keynote spreker


1.  Creativiteit
2.  Marketing en Reclame


Addriano Fabbio

"I had the pleasure of introducing Wouter before his presentation to a group of my classmates at Columbia Business School. Wouter was an engaging speaker, who was able to turn the abstract subject of ...

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Addrianovan Columbia Business School
David Francis

"I found Wouter Boon's talk to be extraordinarily imaginative while taking into account different aspects and differing individual needs. Trying to define an oxymoron has never been easy but at-least ...

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Davidvan Raffles Design Institute
Ayesha Abbasi

"The NYU Stern Graduate Marketing Association was excited to host Wouter Boon in the spring of 2015 to share highlights from his book Defining Creativity. He provided engaging insights into the...

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Ayeshavan NYU Stern

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