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Yuri van Geest

Yuri van Geest is a passionate professional and entrepreneur on strategy, innovation, mobile internet and Singularity. Yuri is the initiator of Singularity University Benelux, the first spin-out globally outside HQ in the USA.

Conference host,Consultancy,Facilitator,Keynote Speaker,Panel,Presentations
Conference host,Consultancy,Facilitator,Keynote Speaker,Panel,Presentations,

Specialist Subjects

1.   Singularity
2.   Mobile Marketing
3.   Mobile Innovation
4.   Mobile Internet
5.   Augmented Reality
6.   Emerging Technologies
7.   Biotech
8.   DNA profiling/DNA based services
9.   Neurotech & Transhumanism
10.   m-Health
11.   Entrepreneurship


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